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e, l, 85, e, 2rt, f, g6b, ji, About – Unlimited Import and Export
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Unlimited Import / Export is based in the city of Casablanca in the country of Morocco. The  company was established in 2019 to engage in the importation of quality goods and products to Morocco as well as  the exportation of Morocco’s abundance of quality fruits, vegetables and poultry products. Our management and staff  are some of the best in the business who sole purpose  is to provide the best products and  full satisfaction to our global customer base. We serve with integrity and respect for all.

Why Choose Us?

Our management and staff work diligently and directly with multiple farmers to get the freshest and lowest prices for our customers / clients. Our products are packed and shipped globally in the safest means possible, we are honest, we guaranteed a hassle and problem free transaction experience with our clients, and the cost of our products will speak for itself.


To provide a variety of fresh and exceptional quality Fruits, vegetables, olive oil and poultry products globally at the most affordable prices


Our vision  is to be globally recognised as the premier  import /export company for  quality products and exceptional services to our customers

How we work

We are passionate for a better world

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